Fall ’22 – Native Milkweeds & Monarch Migration

Happy Fall!!! We are so excited for this season and all it has to offer… cooler temps, colorful leaves, fire pits, and great weather for gardening. If you’ve read any of our earlier posts, you’ve noticed we love fall and think this is one of the best times to add native plants to our outdoor spaces. We also love this time of year because of the annual Monarch migration. This amazing phenomenon is special… and as these Monarch butterflies travel to their overwintering home in Mexico, we get a chance to say goodbye and prepare our gardens and landscapes for when the next generation returns next spring.

If you’ve thought about adding Milkweed to help the Monarchs, fall is a great time to do it. The cooler weather and shortened days helps provide newly planted Milkweeds a great chance to get comfortable in their new homes before winter weather sets in. The two native Milkweeds we recommend to help provide lots of food for Monarch caterpillars are Common Milkweed – Asclepias syriaca and Swamp Milkweed – Asclepias incarnata (more info below). We will have many of these available, as well as many other native wildflowers, at the upcoming Hasta Luego Monarchs event on Saturday, September 24th. This is a great event, free and family friendly, that celebrates the Monarch migration. We are excited to be apart of Hasta Luego Monarchs this year and we’ll have native plants available for sale from 9:00 am – Noon, or until sold out (plant list below). A portion of our total sales will be donated to support the great work at the Pollinator Prairie!!!

Come on out and bring the family… enjoy the beautiful fall weather… and celebrate the amazing Monarch migration with us… see you then! – Jay Parsons

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