June 2021… What Will You Plant?

So much rain… so little sun. Like many of our plants, we’ve been anxiously looking forward to the sun’s return. It seems that May forgot that the showers are April’s thing. Thank goodness June is here!!! I’m excited for sunshine and warmer weather… and it’s looking like June will be a great time to get caught up on planting!

If you’re looking to add more native plants to your gardens and landscapes this year, but haven’t been able to yet, you’re not alone. We have several Farmers Market & Plant Sales scheduled for June and we’ll have several types of native plants available for purchase to help you add more habitat for bees, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to your outdoor spaces! June is here… what will you plant?

If you have questions, or you’d like to preorder some plants for pick up at one of our upcoming sales… please Contact Us, we’d love to help! – Jay Parsons

A Lady Bug searching for some Aphids to enjoy on a Blue Sage plant in our backyard. – May 2021

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