Growing Milkweed for Monarchs

Growing Milkweed for Monarchs - Picture with Daniel & Elsie
We were asked by the Lenexa Farmers Market to let customers know what we’ve been up to during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order here in Kansas.  Growing Milkweed for Monarchs!  Pictured with me is our daughter, holding Swamp Milkweed plants, and our son, holding Butterfly Milkweed plants.   Their amazing Mama was our photographer!   

When we’re asked about the best ways to get Monarch butterflies to visit our yards we always start with Milkweed.  It’s simple.  Sure, Monarchs need more than just Milkweed… but without Milkweed their wouldn’t be anymore Monarchs.  Growing Milkweed for Monarchs is the answer.

We would love to chat with you if you have questions about Milkweed.  You can reach out to us by simply clicking the link below.  Due to the current stay-at-home order in Kansas, we won’t be able to see our customers at the farmers market and plant sales we had originally scheduled for this Spring.  Instead, we are taking orders on our website and are currently accepting orders for our second round of deliveries that will go out on Saturday, May 2nd.  For more information, and to see what we currently have available and/or to place your own order, please click the Order Plants link below.  We appreciate your support for our small business and sharing us with your friends!

Contact Us     –     Order Plants

If you live outside the Kansas City area, we would recommend ordering plants online from Prairie Moon and/or Prairie Nursery.  We have had great experiences with both in the past and would highly recommend each of them.

The weather these next few weeks should be great for planting more Milkweed in our outdoor spaces!

– Jay Parsons

Milkweed & Monarch Resources

Here are a few resources you may find helpful in learning more about the native Milkweed plants that are best for our outdoor spaces.

Butterflies Go Native in Your Garden! A great resource, created by Lenora Larson, provides great information on other native plants, other than Milkweed, you can add to your outdoor spaces to help create need habitat for many more butterflies.

Journey North’s For an update on the current status of the Monarch’s Northern Migration.

Milkweed for Monarchs Information from the National Wildlife Federation about Milkweed.

Monarch Population Status Here is Chip Taylor’s (Monarch Watch) thoughts about the current situation with Monarchs.


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