Sometimes the most difficult part of an idea is knowing how to get started.  Parsons’ Gardens can help with that.  We can provide the knowledge and insight to help get you started with your own DIY landscaping projects.  We can help take the guess work out of picking the right native plants for your outdoor space that will not only be beautiful, but also be welcoming to wildlife.  From preparing the site and soil for planting, to maintaining your newly renovated or created space, we can guide you through the entire process and help you put all the right pieces together.  Contact us today… we’d love to partner with you and help turn your ideas into reality!

* Top Photo – The Monarch’s life cycle… egg (ovum), caterpillar (larva), chrysalis (pupa), & butterfly (adult).  No matter what you call it… it’s simply amazing!  The Monarch butterfly exclusively uses Milkweed as their larval host.  No Milkweed… No Monarchs.  (September, 2016)


* Photo – Our son Daniel giving a thumbs up for Milkweed.  We got permission to plant some of our Swamp Milkweed along a creek near our neighborhood with the hopes of creating more habit for Monarchs.  (June, 2016)


* Photo – The same Swamp Milkweed plant a little over a month later.  Looks like it is thriving in this spot by the water.  Swamp Milkweed is arguably the Monarch’s favorite variety of Milkweed because it offers so many leaves for their caterpillars to munch on.  More Milkweed… More Monarchs!  (July, 2016)